Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcome to the Sandy Relief Fund Art Show

Our  last art show 
opening on December 15, 2012 
and ending July 15, 2013:

Welcome to the
Sandy Relief Fund Art Show
The Ethical Society of Essex County

    Come and spend a moment of reflection among these symbols of renewal, the works of art in our art show; some offered as premiums for donations, some simply on display to remind us of renewal, how the artist within us can transform our world.
    Consider the ongoing need of Sandy's victims and your ability to help.
    Just having you read these few lines fulfills a primary purpose of the art show, to raise our community's awareness of the ongoing nature of this disaster, Superstorm Sandy. We believe that when aware of the need, we will help however we can because without each other's help we cannot have the strong community we all need. It's a feedback loop.
    The Sandy Relief Fund Art Show is but one way to help by providing
both a place for reflection, raising awareness, and a channel for the delivery of help to people who need help.
                        Hilding Lindquist, Curator (pro bono)

The Sandy Relief Fund Art Show uses the transformative power of the arts to bring us together to raise funds in order to:
• Provide direct relief to victims of the recent storm, Sandy;
• Strengthen our community’s sense of common purpose in helping others;
• Help us individually to comprehend the depth of this disaster, reminding us that problems for people don’t end when their story moves off the front page.

Artists through their art intrinsically expand our consciousness with their work, and by art's own definition, transform our world. Of even more value, the arts transform our understanding of our world. What is more fitting, then, but to employ the arts to help us as we struggle individually and collectively to cope with our changing world? 

The art show runs for six months from December 15, 2012, to June 17th July 8th, 2013, reminding us first that many of a disaster's victims also suffer in its aftermath, and then to give of our own resources to help, as we are able, whether it is through the Sandy Relief Fund Art Show or through another relief effort. 

We know that the art show will focus public attention on the Sandy relief effort through the social networking of the artists whose work is in the show, through the events scheduled at The Society either directly or indirectly (by simply being held in the same space), and through the Children of All Ages Art Workshops during the course of the art show. 

Artists’ inquiries are invited!

Please note: 3rd Saturday Arts is a program of:
The Ethical Society of Essex County
516 Prospect St. - Maplewood, NJ 07040 -973-763-1905

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